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(aka The Fireworks Woman, Angela Is The Fireworks Woman)

Review: Angela (Jennifer Jordan) has a problem, she has a magnetic sexual quality that causes other people to be filled with desire for her. The first victim is her brother Peter (Eric Edwards).  Ashamed of their behavior, Peter becomes a priest.
Angela, confused by her persistent infatuation with her brother, goes to him for counseling. Peter sends her to work for Mrs. Walters (Erica Eaton), a wealthy member of his congregation. Employed as a maid, Angela is abused by Mrs. Walters and her friend Roger. She leaves and tries to sort things out by sailing alone. After three days at sea and tormented by visions of Peter, Angela falls off the boat and is rescued by a couple who immediately engage her in a three way.
Later, while walking along the docks, she is ravaged by two fishermen. Still dreaming of Peter, she devises a scheme to make him hers once and for all. Throughout all of this, Angela is followed all over town by a mysterious man in a top hat who just might be the Devil himself, or more likely Wes Craven.  Hot XXX scenes, including an orgy, a forced violent rape scene, and more explosive action.  Fullscreen, in English, no subtitles.  Quality B-

Directed by:
Abe Snake aka Peter Locke

Starring: Jennifer Jordan, Eric Edwards, and Jamie Gillis




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