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 Cinema de Bizarre:  The only source for rare horror, exploitation, and cult oddities.

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What are customers saying about our service?

I received the DVDs today. You have blown the competition away! As an avid collector, your product is hands down the BEST I have found!
I will be a repeat customer and recommend your products to my friends and colleagues.  JA
The extremely obscure titles that I have purchased from Cinema de Bizarre are without question,  the jewels of my collection. The quality is exactly as stated, and the prices are unbeatable especially considering no shipping fees, and bonus film add-ons. I sent an email with a question and was very pleased with the friendly and helpful response. Thanks for making these available.  -  Mark from Minnesota

Hey guys, I just want to compliment you, your print of the "Mad Bomber" was amazing, considering the age and source. I've seen many supposed "uncut" versions, and this was the first one that really was..i couldnt believe my eyes with the gore effects when Connors blows up at the end, and all the full frontal shots for a semi mainstream US movie. Crazy, anyway thanks, and I cant wait for the next order. I am recommending you to some friends. JK

I have received my 3 movies today and I'm very happy how carefully you have packaged them. It is a pleasure to buy my movies from you because you care for your customer - Danny

Hey guys, I've been in correspondence with you all about my podcast and an order I placed, and one my father-in-law consequently placed and I wanted to take this opportunity to express my satisfaction with the product you have as well as the customer service I received every single step of the way. Allow me to recount my story for your website as I'm thrilled to sing your praises. Being an avid "genre" movie fan, who seeks out more obscure titles, there can be a real minefield of dishonesty and poor customer service when seeking out hard to find titles; yet with your website, staff and quality of product, I got an absolute first class effort from the first question(of many)that I asked being promptly answered to the speedy delivery(during the holiday rush across the border no less!) right down to the care you put into the cover art and the quality of prints you provide. I will not seek out any other vendors when it comes to hard to find films. Keep up the great work; you truly have a customer for life. I'm so confident in the product you provide, any doubters can email me personally for my input if need be!  W.S. from Canada

I received my first order last week and I'm extremely pleased. I have searched for an uncut copy of "Death Laid an Egg" for many years. I have previously ordered this title from three different companies, only to receive heavily cut copies of poor quality. Yours, however, is truly uncut and is a magnificent copy. Thank you for your efforts! M.W  

Hello, first of all let me tell you how much I enjoy your site. I've used many DVD-R sites in the past and I have to say that yours is hands down the best. W.H. Thanks for producing some of the best exploitation DVDs, your site is far cheaper than others around, well done. L.B.

My DVD's arrived yesterday in perfect condition, checked them out and they all worked. Thanks for the excellent service and quick shipping. Until the next time.  S.T. Belgium

Hello friends, I want to thank Cinema De Bizarre for an uncompromising service! I received my DVD's promptly, the packaging was solid, and the transfers on the films were gorgeous. I will be placing another order shortly and will highly recommend Cinema De Bizarre for all your cult movie needs!
Viva La Cinema De Bizarre! Mike Salt Lake City


Just wanted to thank you for the first order, and mention that I'm blown away by the quality of the transfers, and the professionalism of your service. This has been a total pleasure, and I will be placing a second order shortly as a result.  D.F.

Just wanted to send out a quick note saying I just received my first shipment from you a few days ago. I have to say I'm incredibly impressed with your speed, packaging, and the quality and attention you obviously pay to your customers. The art and DVD keepcases impressed me, but even moreso was the small attention to details - adding bubblewrap INSIDE the dvd keepcase to prevent the disc itself from coming loose or rattling around is a "minor" detail not many would worry about.
Everything I have heard about CDB is true, and I intend to continue giving you my business for a long time to come! I'm definitely a convert!

I cannot believe how many films your site offers. My first order of 30 discs arrived in two weeks. Every single disc played on my DVD and Blu-ray player. The letterboxed films even zoomed-up nicely on my 52" plasma. I have no complaints with the transfer quality. 50% of my discs were compressed to coincide with the exact running time of the film. The other 50% looked very good at SP 2 hour recording time. I would like to see more of the former when it comes to benefiting from video quality. But I have little to complain about by the shear joy in watching these relics of a bygone era. I really enjoyed AMERICAN NIGHTMARE and it's gritty fleabag hotels, and NYC locales. Then the next film had great gritty Sunset strip shots as well. I was in trash heaven. I wax- nostalgic for films in the 70's and 80's with real locations of the Deuce, porn shops and any local color that adds character to the film. I ordered heavily from your horror section and have not come across a film yet that bored me. I also ordered three or four from your recommendations. DARKER THAN AMBER was a real treat. I don't know if this is from a series of films but if there are any more I would definitely be interested in it.
So yes browsers, place your bookmark right here. The prices are fantastic, The buy two get one free offer is great. I plan on giving you lots of business. P.D

 You're one of finest and most sincere rare Euro movie sellers. Thanks to your sincere heart, Your generous price and the low shipping cost has really helped me to see movies I thought I could never gather the money to buy! Keep on collecting the movies and I will be buying them!  I am fortunate to have have found the best sellers and selection of Euro movies in the same state I live in. F.L.

  Hi, My DVDs came today, may i take the time to thank you, for the quick arrival and excellent quality of the DVDs. I'll recommend you. People say that Italian cinema died a long time ago, but on your website it truly lives again, Fulci, Lenzi, Deodato and D'Amato would be proud! L.B.

 One of the best cult video dealers, give them a go, 5 stars, thanks again.  P.N.


"Thank you so much for such a beautiful print of this item and the cover art makes it all the more special. I rate you 100+ as a seller."

I'm especially impressed by the care that goes into shipping each individual dvd. The pieces of bubblepack that are placed inside the dvd case to protect the dvds during shipment do not go unnoticed. Putting together another order..thanks for your outstanding service. T.P.


We will be putting in an order in the next few days, very interested in the films you get.  As I've said before from a trusted seller, which is nice to find on the web.  All the best to both of you.  D.S. from the U.K.


Finally a den of vice where Vanessa Del Rio, Scott Jacoby, and The Great Hollywood Rape Slaughter can be found all hanging out together in the same aisle.  Cinema-De-Bizarre! My new favorite outlet for TV horror, cult, exploitation, and giallo films. Rapid delivery, top notch packaging, and the most satisfying turn around on special requests ever. Do yourself a favor and delete all your other genre related bookmarks for they are no longer valid. Max G. Morton


I received my order this past Tuesday. Excellent movies, and the quality is fantastic! I'll definitely order more movies from your company.  M.P.

I am grateful to do business with a company like Cinema de Bizarre, who not only provide great customer service but also show sincere integrity.  C.J.


























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